A True Knight has Courage

A True Knight must have the courage to stand up for those principles which he or she believes are right, especially in the presence of those who oppose the cardinal virtues of the Knighthood.

A True Knight is never afraid to defend their own rights and those of others.

A True Knight shall always stand to defend the rights of the weak, the oppressed, and
the downtrodden.

A True Knight shows excellence. He (she) is honorable, loyal, generous, well-spoken, discrete, wise, pure, cour-teous and just.

From “The Knights Code”

What a pity that there are not true knights anymore…

A friend told me that she wants a bracelet. The requirement were: a lot of metal, leather and something green. I hope she likes it and feels hereself full of excellence and courage. That will be a good start, won’t be?