Tansy Necklace


* Tansy is a Hopi name for Flower

Spring, the sweet spring, is the year’s pleasant king,
Then blooms each thing, then maids dance in a ring,
Cold doth not sting, the pretty birds do sing:
Cuckoo, jug-jug, pu-we, to-witta-woo!

Spring, the Sweet Spring from Summer’s Last Will and Testament by Thomas Nashe (1600)


3 thoughts on “Tansy Necklace

  1. Thank you very much! 🙂 It’s still the flu season here and I’m coming home pretty exhausted from work. I haven’t created anything in a long time and now I’m happy. I like asymmetry, I like different things and most of all I like it when I make real my immaginations It’s like a game, it’s fun. And as I see from the likes I’ll be probably the only woman who would wear it and that makes Tansy even more special to me 🙂

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