Winter Blossom

FUJI SET – Leather, Silver, Silver plated copper wire, White Coral, Onyx, Crystal.

There is not even a moment of calmness.

In the heart that loves the blossoms,

the wind is already blowing.

Japanese poem by Lady Izumi Shikibu (978~unknown)

*I haven’t touched my precious tools for a couple of months and I’m afraid I’m taking the risk to turn my blog into something connected with photography, which I do not mind, but the main reason to be here is Jewelry Making. I’m in love with my last piece -FUJI Set, maybe because I’ve forgotten a little bit how happy I’m when I’m turning different materials into something beautiful. Pure and strong feeling.



2 thoughts on “Winter Blossom

  1. Thank you very much! I’m making my creative ideas and whims into something real, touchable and beautiful I think. This is real magic fun!
    “Tenacity always wins, helped with wildness and courage.” Agathe Saint-Girons

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