Winter Blossom

FUJI SET – Leather, Silver, Silver plated copper wire, White Coral, Onyx, Crystal.

There is not even a moment of calmness.

In the heart that loves the blossoms,

the wind is already blowing.

Japanese poem by Lady Izumi Shikibu (978~unknown)

*I haven’t touched my precious tools for a couple of months and I’m afraid I’m taking the risk to turn my blog into something connected with photography, which I do not mind, but the main reason to be here is Jewelry Making. I’m in love with my last piece -FUJI Set, maybe because I’ve forgotten a little bit how happy I’m when I’m turning different materials into something beautiful. Pure and strong feeling.


Dream Path


I carry inside my heart,
As in a chest too full to shut,
All the places where I’ve been,
All the ports at which I’ve called,
All the sights I’ve seen through windows and portholes
And from quarterdecks, dreaming,
And all of this, which is so much, is nothing next to what I want.

(Álvaro de Campos, Passage of the hours)

poem via Karijeppesen’s blog