Union gives strength.


Today is a big day for my country, Bulgaria – <>Bulgarian unification<>. The day when a small country defends its interest against the interest of the Great Powers.

* Saedinenie Snowfield on Livingston Island in the South Shetland Islands, Antarctica is named for the Unification of Bulgaria.


4 thoughts on “Union gives strength.

  1. Thank you! Not are many these who will make an effort to read about a small factor as Bulgaria is, though during his reign Bulgaria was bounded by three seas ā€“ White, Adriatic and Black.
    Bad politics create bad consequences and it seems the history is not a good teacher, in global perspective.
    Yes, there will be special celebrations, all over the country, with reveille and shots in the air, probably balloons and flags too, but I’m not sure enough – because of the feast or it will be a protest against the government :))

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