Keeping the fire burning


My endless affection and sensitivity for Black and White photography made me edit this picture. The fire looks like a pitiable trace of smoke, but I guess this is My Way now and I’ll leave the picture like it is. It’s a moment of time, a window I’ve looked through, piece of my visual world and I like it b&w too. I’m not a professional photographer and I’m not even trying to be.

Maybe I should start to.
Maybe I should start using colors too.

My second purchase of random materials is over. I’ve tried different things with the stuff I had, I’ve been following completely my imagination – sometimes successful, sometimes not, but all is trial and error and I love this. There is movement and I love this even more.

I have to move forward now
keeping the fire burning..

I promise.
and I need it’s warmth, because now this is my way.

One of my big favorites, Vincent Van Gogh, says: Normality is a paved road: It’s comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow on it.


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