Be In.


Wonders happen if we can succeed
in passing through the harshest danger;
but only in a bright and purely granted
achievement can we realize the wonder.

As Once the Winged Energy of Delight by Rilke


Keeping the fire burning


My endless affection and sensitivity for Black and White photography made me edit this picture. The fire looks like a pitiable trace of smoke, but I guess this is My Way now and I’ll leave the picture like it is. It’s a moment of time, a window I’ve looked through, piece of my visual world and I like it b&w too. I’m not a professional photographer and I’m not even trying to be.

Maybe I should start to.
Maybe I should start using colors too.

My second purchase of random materials is over. I’ve tried different things with the stuff I had, I’ve been following completely my imagination – sometimes successful, sometimes not, but all is trial and error and I love this. There is movement and I love this even more.

I have to move forward now
keeping the fire burning..

I promise.
and I need it’s warmth, because now this is my way.

One of my big favorites, Vincent Van Gogh, says: Normality is a paved road: It’s comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow on it.


Blue Eye
Blue Eye

Blue eyes so full of life
A wonder all of their own
So beautiful and precious
Oh to see those eyes smile
Such a beautiful sight
How I love to look into those eyes
When I look into them
A kind of peace comes over me
Beautiful blue eyes
Always haunting me
…teasing me

Beautiful Blue Eyes by Grace Hays

Equinox Bracelet


Double Spiral Symbol Meaning

In some cultures, the double spiral is a symbol of eternal life. The symbol spirals out infinitely, thus reinforcing the concept of life, death, and rebirth. The whorls represent the continuous creation and destruction of the universe, or the relationship of the finite to the infinite; the never ending spiral of life to death, and back again. The double spiral is related to the yin-yang symbol, which depicts the balance and the interwoven nature of the worldly realm and the spiritual realm.

A double spiral labyrinth can also be a symbol of initiation and the ritual journey through a labyrinth to the sacred realms beyond the center. Additionally, the center can represent complete balance, and/or the place where Heaven and Earth merge.

In protobulgarian mythology the double spiral is a solar symbol.