Whatever you do do it with your heart

Berlin, Germany

I’m emotional, and spontaneous too. That is why is very important to me to work for myself and to do something I love. Sweet dream, isn’t it? I can make a pair of earrings inspirated by the vikings, native indians, love or springs. It’s my art, my inner world, feelings and thoughts. I guess this is valid for every artist. I do not take into consideration the demand, but I want to proceed with the jewelry making and I need some time to think and work on my style. I have to take a new direction and find an inexperienced source of inspiration. ( east, far east sounds good to me :))
I’m learning myself alone, trying new things, experimenting with the stuff I have. I’m grateful for the support I’ve found here. I met great people and their wonderful blogs. The encouragement and the appreciation of the endeavour to create something are much more important than the question: “Would I put this on my ears or not?”. To make art is not easy, even if you are a genius. I believe that every piece of art has its own beauty, everything deserve a “like”, but as it is in life – some objects are getting more stars than the others. Work, talent, charm, luck – probably somewhere in the middle. So, let’s do it – with heart and love – the road is more important than the destination!


6 thoughts on “Whatever you do do it with your heart

  1. Oh I love what you wrote here! I completely understand what you mean, finding your style. I’m still experimenting too, but I’m much farther along in the process than I was three years ago. Its been such an adventure trying new things and finding what I like/don’t like – saying no to the things that I don’t enjoy. I’ve learned that just because something is in demand and I can make money doing it – doesn’t mean that I should do it. For example, there’s no point in me making beautiful handmade greeting cards if I hate every second of it. Like you said, it’s about heart.

    Side note – I know that some artists are able to focus on “Would I wear this?” (not to mention, make a huge profit doing it), but it’s never worked for me. Once I start asking myself that question, I lose all inspiration. Anyway… I just love what you wrote and I look forward to seeing your “style” develop 🙂

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