The spider is a remarkable figure of feminine energy and creativity in the spirit animal kingdom. Spiders are characterized by the skilled weaving of intricate webs and patience in awaiting their prey. By affinity with the spider spirit animal, you may have qualities of high receptivity and creativity. Having the spider as a power animal or totem helps you tune into life’s ebbs and flows and ingeniously weave every step of your destiny.

Spider’s powers and medicines are global and similar. Her body is shaped like a  figure eight, which, on its side, represents eternity. She has links to the  past, future, birth and creation. The Greeks associated her with the Fates;  Asian Indians with Maya, weaver of illusion and the Scandinavians, with the  Norns, women who wove the threads of life. Many Native Americans believed that  Spider wove the first alphabet, the dream of the world become manifest. Spider’s  web signifies the tapestry of life.


I love these earrings. I needed more time than usual to make them and I enjoyed it completely. It would be better if I had a machine to cut the leather, but I like them anyway.
They are chic – both with casual clothing or for a party night. They are a product of my brain, which means “one of a kind”. That already make them special 🙂


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