Red Orchid

silver plated copper wire, red coral

This is the first ring I make from wire and I think that is chic.
Today I found a good website about jewelry – The Jewelry Observer – and I got inspired by all these precious pieces I saw there. I walk my path and I do my best to improve myself.

These days a friend of mine launched a website – Life in covers – “a service which collects your digital footprints, your online life, from all over the web and produces good looking book out from that content (status updates, posts, comments, pictures, tweets etc.). Diary of your online life.”
I really like the idea. I will make my own good looking book, but not of my life. It will be about Inana Design. From the first days – my first jewellry piece, first pictures – totally unprofessional, my first likes and comments, all my hits and fails till… I’m able to put on sites like The Jewelry Observer. Yes, I know – I need some more time to improve my work. But is a great idea, isn’t it?


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