Birth of a Ring


That’s a ring I made long, long time ago. At that time I didn’t proceed with the fine jewelry, something I want to do now or in some future period of my life.
I found some old sketches and pictures from my jewelry lessons.
The first thing, of course, is to establish what you want, the creation phase. The designer makes different sketches of the piece in different perspectives. Now there is a jewelry software which can build a 3D design of the piece and you can see exactly how it will looks like. A professional knows the properties of the materials and he already has in his mind what is possible and what it is not. For beginners like me, there is a difference between the initial picture and the final shape. But I’m very happy with the result. Creation is one of the most wonderful and fascinating process on the earth, in any aspect. To put forth energy, consciousness, soul if you want, to design, to shape and to wonder at end of all this – that’s amazing!
And the first and most important step is made…


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