Thai Rain

Aventurine is a form of quartz, characterised by its translucency and the presence of platy mineral inclusions that give a shimmering or glistening effect termed aventurescence.The word aventurescence is applied to anything that shares or approaches aventurine’s distinctive sparkle.

The name aventurine derives from the Italian “a ventura” meaning “by chance”. This is an allusion to the lucky discovery of aventurine glass or goldstone at some point in the 18th century. Although it was known first, goldstone is now a common imitation of aventurine and sunstone.

Depending on the mineral that bonds to the stone’s surface, different reflective effects are achieved, and different colours are produced. For example, quartz beads that contain fuchsite will appear green, whereas the presence of iron oxide in the bead will create a red appearance in the bead, and dumortierite will cause the bead to look blue.

For those interested in the metaphysical properties of the aventurine –  a division is made between different colours of the gemstone. While green aventurine beads is associated with good luck and assistance in leadership initiatives, blue aventurine beads is thought to aid insight, the cultivation of patience, and bodily detoxification.
The Aventurin is a stone, which has a powerful effect on the skin – could be used by allergies, sunburns etc.
Chemical composition – SiO2
Hardness (Mohs scale)- 7
Specific gravity – 2.65
Crystal System – trigonal
Color – The most common colour of aventurine is green, but it may also be orange, brown, yellow, blue, or gray.
Origin – India, Brasilia, Spain, China, Russia

Chakra – Heart
Zodiac sign – Taurus, Cancer, Sagittarius, Libra, Aquarius
Chinese Zodiac sign – Snake, Goat,Cock, Rat, Tiger
Element – Earth


Birth of a Ring


That’s a ring I made long, long time ago. At that time I didn’t proceed with the fine jewelry, something I want to do now or in some future period of my life.
I found some old sketches and pictures from my jewelry lessons.
The first thing, of course, is to establish what you want, the creation phase. The designer makes different sketches of the piece in different perspectives. Now there is a jewelry software which can build a 3D design of the piece and you can see exactly how it will looks like. A professional knows the properties of the materials and he already has in his mind what is possible and what it is not. For beginners like me, there is a difference between the initial picture and the final shape. But I’m very happy with the result. Creation is one of the most wonderful and fascinating process on the earth, in any aspect. To put forth energy, consciousness, soul if you want, to design, to shape and to wonder at end of all this – that’s amazing!
And the first and most important step is made…